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Here's Just a Few of The Services We Provide

Repairing leaks (water and gas)

Water and drain piping installed and repaired

Supply & install new toilets, sinks, faucets and fixtures

Complete bathroom, kitchen, laundry and utility room installations & upgrades

Water piping installed and repaired

Sump pumps installed and serviced

Water heaters repaired and replaced

Video inspection of sewer lines

Correcting all plumbing code violations

Install water softeners

Install icemaker lines

Okotoks Plumbers - What To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Professional Plumber

Is your home faced with a less than convenient plumbing dilemma and you need some serious professional help? Whether you need assistance fixing a leaky toilet or something more urgent has happened and your basement pipes have burst, calling in the expert advice of Okotoks plumbers is a must. Stop stressing over your situation and get the help you need – fast.

But let’s face if, how many of us plan for something to happen and already have a contractor lined up ahead of time. Not many. Getting in contact with a specialist will not only ensure you aren’t stressing about finding someone in your area, but will save you valuable time when you need it most. A burst pipe isn’t going to wait for you to find a professional, which is why preparation is key.

No matter how you want to look at it, these men and women take care of a variety of jobs both when it comes to residential and commercial. On the residential side of things, they install and maintain hot water tanks, septic tanks and even work to get your gas fireplace or BBQ hooked up to the natural gas line. By trade these experts work as gasfitters as well, making their job quite complex.

When it comes to commercial, they take care of toilet repairs, overhead sewers, disposal systems and sewer cleaning.

When consumers are hiring someone that specializes in this field, it’s important that they look into both their education and experience. These are both very important aspects to the job, as experience gives them a roundabout understanding of the business and education gives them the knowledge to get there. Contractors in this trade take part in an apprenticeship program for approximately four years. This is a combination of both hands-on experience and in-classroom lessons.

The individual or company that you recruit should also be professional and be able to provide you with proof of their business license, as well as insurance coverage. Although many minor repair jobs don’t really require a full insurance package, it’s important that they have it nonetheless, as it safeguards both the homeowner and the plumbing technician.

Don’t think that you need a warranty? Think again. Getting a written guarantee is crucial to your overall satisfaction with their services, and gives consumers peace of mind if something goes wrong or needs to be replaced.

Having trouble finding Okotoks plumbers in your area? Look no further. We have scoured the city high and low and located some of the top Okotoks plumbers out there and we’d be pleased to share our results with you.


Okotoks Plumbers
This is probably one of
the best plumbing companies
that services Okotoks. I highly
recommend them.
Written by: Dave Vass
Plumbing Services
Date published: 02/29/2012
5 / 5 stars
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